Past Courts

We hope you enjoy admiring our Carnival Courts from year’s gone by.

If you or somebody you’re close to was once a Queen or Princess/Maid of Honour and you have a picture we can use we’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch here


2015/16 Carnival Court: Carnival Queen Rinji Lawati, Deputy Carnival Queen Tiffany Maskell, Princess Kacey Wright, Princess Talia Briggs


2014/15 Carnival Court: Princess Jaycee Snow, Carnival Queen Emmi Burton, Junior Carnival Queen Evie Philpot, Princess Rosemary Russell, Princess Mia Reynolds


2013/14 Carnival Court: Carnival Queen Emily Read, Maid of Honour Charlotte Marston, Maid of Honour Katherine Thomas, Maid of Honour Emma Daniel


2012/13 Carnival Court: Maid of Honour Megan French, Carnival Queen Dawn Haffner, Maid of Honour Jessica Brown, Maid of Honour Laura-Rose Smedley


2011/12 Carnival Court: Maid of Honour Sophie Hatch, Maid of Honour Caroline Sharrott, Carnival Queen Karla Fitzpatrick, Maid of Honour Dionne Turner


2010/11 Carnival Court: Carnival Queen Siobhan Hall, Maid of Honour Rebecca Wincott, Maid of Honour Rachel Spencer, Maid of Honour Ruby Kapadia


2009/10 Carnival Court: Maid of Honour Rebecca Costello, Carnival Queen Stephanie Sharrott, Maid of Honour Leanne Bennett, Maid of Honour Rachel Queen


2005/06 Carnival Court: Maid of Honour Leanne Bennett, Carnival Queen Lucy Hall, Maid of Honour Hayley Whitmore, Maid of Honour Siobhan Hall