Carnival Court 2016-2017


Our 2016/17 Carnival Court! L-R Deputy Carnival Queen Katie Gilbert, Carnival Queen Faye Flemans, Princess Sophie Pratt, Princess Lola Davies

“I feel honoured to be part of the carnival court, it has been really good for me to be out there doing different things and helping others in return”
Carnival Queen Faye Flemans

“The best part of being part of the carnival so far was our first event – the Civic Bonfire. It was our first event and we met the Mayor for the first time. The event that I am looking forward to the most is carnival day!”
Deputy Carnival Queen Katie Gilbert

“I was shocked when I got picked to be carnival princess! So far the events I have attended have been really enjoyable and I am looking forward to the carnival day and all the upcoming events”
Carnival Princess Sophie Pratt

“I like raising money for charity and I love everything about being a carnival princess! I’m looking forward to everything, I love it all!”
Carnival Princess Lola Davies

As well as carnival day on Sunday 11th June 2017 our girls will be very busy throughout their year in court supporting lots of other local events! If you would like their help or attendance at your event please contact