Carnival History

Take a look at our website go to About tab, click History.  We have now started to update this page.  We know we have a long way to go, so keep on looking.  If anyone has any information that they think would be of interest to us, please do get in touch.  

Nuneaton Carnival’s Court Year to date

Check out our Web Site and see what our Carnival Court has been up to since they were Crowned on Selection Night.  We think you will agree that so far it has been a hectic and enjoyable time.  Lots of involvement with Local Community Groups.

Gala Field Application

The revised forms for the 2018 Gala field are now available from the Carnival Web Site. Forms available are Application, Field Guide, T&C's and Risk Assessment

Web Connection

You may have noticed that the web site has been down, well the good news is that it is back and will be updated as soon as possible.

Super Nuneaton carnival-goers helped make an ‘amazing’ day

GENEROUS fun-seekers donated a whopping 50 per cent more in pennies during Nuneaton's Carnival compared to last year. Organisers were not only stunned by the turn-out to the 87th carnival, but also the way in which the thousands of people who lined the streets gave so magnanimously during the event. Martin Hobbins, Chairman, said: "The … Continue reading Super Nuneaton carnival-goers helped make an ‘amazing’ day