Carnival Day 2018 – date & theme announced!

At our Carnival Day presentation evening on Tuesday 20th June we announced the date and theme for Carnival Day 2018…

Sunday 10th June 2018 – ‘AS SEEN ON TV 📺🎥

Television as we love and know it today is miles from what the TV was first like back when John Logie Baird introduced it to the world in 1926, but in the 90 years that has passed, generations have enjoyed countless live and prerecorded television broadcasts from comedy sitcoms, documentaries, drama and the now very popular ‘reality TV’ to name just a few!

Television is something the majority of us enjoy as a source of entertainment or education and there are lots (literally thousands!) of programmes to choose from and celebrate by entering the Nuneaton Carnival Day 2018 Procession!

If you have a business, are involved with a local community group or sports club, help at a local charity or just fancy rounding up a group of friends for a fun packed day then we want to hear from you! To find out more about how you can grab a piece of the fundraising action click here

Now the planning begins!!